Clinical Prevention Measures



The following are elective clinical measures that can be taken towards the prevention of Lymphedema:


• Risk consultation and evaluation to ascertain how individual case history, medical history and cancer treatment history will influence the risk for acquiring Lymphedema; patients with established Lymphedema will also benefit;


• Pre and postoperative circumferential limb girth measurements;


• Bioimpedance Spectroscopy (L-Dex), a non-invasive technology used to assess tissue fluid retention in the upper extremity; the first screening should ideally be done preoperatively;


Compression garments worn at certain times of compromise to prevent tissue fluid accumulation.


• Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD), a light massage-like technique, which moves tissue fluid from congested to non-congested areas.


• Therapeutic exercises to safely enhance lymphatic circulation.



An improperly fit compression garment could cause compromise rather than benefit, as shown below.


Therefore we suggest a custom fitting, which leads to a corrective result as follows:


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