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Michael Alatriste, L.M.T., C.L.T.,

Director of Patient Education




Please join us for a complimentary informational seminar on Lymphedema prevention and treatment. We suggest that all patients at risk for Lymphedema attend our seminars, as we speak about aspects of Lymphedema prevention as well as strategies for treatment, should Lymphedema be acquired.


Since Lymphedema is a quality of life condition, our seminars focus on maintaining and enhancing quality of life after initial cancer care. We present a layperson’s overview of the lymphatic system and how it functions, what Lymphedema is, and what it looks like at various stages. Our seminars last approximately 1.5 hours and conclude with a comprehensive Question & Answer period.


We also invite patients living with Lymphedema to join us.  It has been our experience that our comprehensive presentations generally benefit even those who have been treated previously.


Please contact us for our seminar schedule.






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