Compression Bandaging



This component of Intensive Lymphedema treatment is used to soften tissue, mobilize fluid and also to prevent more fluid from accumulating in the affected extremity.


We use short-stretch compression bandages which exert a low pressure on a limb when muscles are at rest.  This makes it tolerable for patients to sustain the bandage, which generally ranges from a 24 to 48 hour period.  When the limb is active and muscles are contracting, the bandages exert high pressure factor on the muscles, which help to soften fibrotic tissues and also to mobilize fluid from the affected limb.


When bandaging, we use a specific compression gradient which assures that residual and excess fluid is being removed from the limb in the safest and most effective way, without producing backflow or compromising circulation.


The following images are examples of our patients in standard, short-stretch compression wrapings:

The following images are examples of our patients in more complex, short-stretch compression wrappings:


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