Treatment for Established Lymphedema



Treatment for established  Lymphedema, or intensive lymphedema therapy, is known as Combined Decongestive Therapy, or CDT.  CDT is a 4 part physiotherapy protocol consisting of:


1. Manual Lymph Drainage

2. Short-Stretch Compression Bandaging

3. Therapeutic Exercises

4. Skin and Nail Care


CDT is a process by which even a severely disfigured limb can be restored to a near-normal contour.  Each CDT treatment lasts for between 1.5 to 3 hours, depending upon the severity of the presentation and number of limbs involved.  To date, CDT is the primary means by which the following results can be achieved:




Stages through CDT

Before Treatment

Compression Bandaging

Treatment Outcome

A course of CDT could run for between 5 to 20 (or more) consecutive days. During CDT, it is necessary that patients wear loose fitting clothing to accommodate our multi-layered compression bandages. Bandages will remain on the treated limb for approximately 22 hours each day during the entire course of CDT, only being removed during treatment. Most patients are able to function unimpeded during this time, with only minor restrictions. Although a time intensive process, CDT is the primary means by which this type of result can be achieved.




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