Lymphedema Maintenance



After CDT (Intensive Lymphedema Treatment), it is necessary that patients continue applying compression to their affected limb(s) by wearing custom-fit or ready-to-wear medical grade compression garments. This process typically continues indefinitely, both day and night. Modifications can be made to this stringent protocol over time. However, we ask patients to observe our suggested initial maintenance protocol for at least several months following their intensive treatment before any modifications are made.


Additionally, patients may also require indefinite maintenance treatment to keep their condition within manageable parameters. This might mean returning for MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage) and/or compression bandaging monthly, weekly, or as needed. As such diligent maintenance measures canĀ  impact quality of life and activities of daily living, we always look for treatment options to serve individual patient needs. The need for Lymphedema prevention measures becomes evident when we consider the stringent requirements of both the intensive and maintenance phases of treatment.


Patients who have had ALNT (Autologus Lymph Node Transfer) surgery for their Lymphedema, will receive a modification of standard maintenance measures, befitting their postoperative needs.




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