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Michael Alatriste, LMT, CLT

Clinical Director

Michael Alatriste brings over 18 years of dedicated clinical experience to the practice.


He began treating Lymphedema under the direction of Robert Lerner, M.D., in 1998, at Lerner Lymphedema Services (LLS) in New York City. During this time, he treated  post-operative oncology patients with secondary Lymphedema, as well as patients with primary and congenital Lymphedema. While at LLS, Michael realized that minimal focus was placed on the prevention of Lymphedema in post-operative oncology patients, and more importantly, that patients were not thoroughly educated about their risk for acquiring Lymphedema, secondary to their cancer treatment.


In January of 2000, Michael established “Lymphedema Preventive Care & Treatment”, a practice dedicated to the prevention and comprehensive treatment of Lymphedema. Since then, he has lectured at most major cancer centers in New York City, including Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, St. Vincent’s Comprehensive Cancer Center and Mount Sinai Medical Center, educating physicians and clinical staff on the classifications, stages and management of Lymphedema.  He has also presented educational seminars for patients at the American Cancer Society, Manhattan Hope Lodge.


He received his initial Lymphedema certification in Combined Decongestive Physiotherapy through the Lerner Academy of Lymphatic Studies in April of 1998. He has been certified in the Dr. Vodder Method at the Vodder Clinic, Walchsee, Austria, in June of 2004. He also received training in advanced techniques for Lymphedema Management at the Foldi Clinic in Hinterzarten, Germany in May of 2006.


Michael is now the Clinical Director of “Lymphedema Alliance of New York,” where, in addition to overseeing all aspects of patient care, he also consults with both patients and physicians, as a specialist in postoperative care for the surgical management of Lymphedema.  He has consulted on this topic extensively in both domestic and international settings and maintains a relationship with Corinne Becker, MD, the surgical pioneer of Autologus Lymph Node Transfer, as well as many regional surgeons who are performing this and other corrective procedures for Lymphedema.  He sits on the scientific advisory board of the Corinne Becker Lymphedema Foundation.


Michael is the Founder and Educational Director of TAM: The Alatriste Method of Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Lymphedema Management, a certification curriculum, in Clinical Lymphatic Drainage and Lymphedema Management presented in partnership with the Swedish Institute, College of Health Sciences.  TAM is one of the only certification curricula to include training in the surgical management of Lymphedema.


Michael is one of the founding directors of The Alatriste Foundation for Lymphedema Management, a budding non-profit charity focused on providing  clinical scholarships to patients who would otherwise not have access to comprehensive care.

Rose comes to our facility as a specialty fitter for Lymphedema compression therapy garments.  She is a certified and skilled fitter for most products.  With  previous experience as a seamstress, Rose is able to produce unique and individual strategies for patients in their self-care maintenance. She works with equal success in the choice of either custom-fit or ready-made compression therapy garments for our patients.



Rose is also a Certified Lymphedema Therapist and contributes to other aspects of patient care, such as providing  Manual Lymphatic Drainage in all phases of treatment, including prevention as well as surgical management.  Rose has been a practicing hands-on therapist since 1989 and as such, she brings considerable skills on this level to enhance her Lymphedema treatment outcomes.

Rose Arrucci, LMT, CLT

Certified Fitter

Lymphedema Therapist

Kathleen Nelson

Administrative Coordinator

David Elyha

Insurance Biller

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