Quality of Life Impact



What is the impact of Lymphedema on a patient's Quality-of-Life?


• Chronic swelling of a limb or body part.

• Condition is progressive and tends to worsen over time.


• Limited Range of Motion and heaviness of the Limb can occur.

• Recurrent episodes of infection (Cellulitis) can occur which can lead to short term hospitalization with each episode.

• Hardening and thickening of the skin and tissues which can result in advanced tissue fibrosis, progressive skin pathologies and ulcerations.

• Cosmetic issues such as difficulty with clothes or shoes fitting properly due to deformity of the limb.

• Necessity for altered lifestyle because occupational activities or activities of daily living could exacerbate Lymphedema.


• On-going clinical care could be required to maintain the condition within manageable parameters.

• Ongoing patient out-of-pocket expenses for what insurance will not cover.

• Depression due to fatigue, psycho/social impact with an overall diminished quality-of-life.



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