What is Lymphedema?



Lymphedema is a chronic and progressive swelling of a limb or body part , with two designations:


1)  Primary Lymphedema, which results from congenital malformations


2)  Secondary Lymphedema, which results from the following: cancer treatment (Lymph Node Dissection and Radiation Therapy), vascular disease, trauma/injury, parasitic infection and bariatric complications.




Lymphedema is not only chronic, but is also progressive and if left untreated can lead to disfigurement of the affected limb. We therefore encourage patients with any stage or classification of Lymphedema to seek consultation and treatment as soon as possible. We also encourage cancer patients at risk for lymphedema to inquire about clinical preventive measures to avoid acquiring the condition.



Who Is At Risk for Lymphedema?


Cancer patients who have had Lymph Node Dissection and/or Radiation Therapy are at risk for developing Lymphedema, indefinitely.  Medically necessary, life-saving procedures should NOT be avoided to prevent acquiring Lymphedema.




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